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Thanks to everyone who supported us in 2015 Happy new year!!! We have a lot in store for 2016 starting with our show on 1/29/15 at Webster Hall with some great bands, 40 Below Summer and Echolab (formerly SHIFT). If you haven't already please be sure to give these bands a listen!

In between 3 shows we have planned for this year so far we will be hard at work on our new record and there just might be... some other surprises as well.

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Upcoming Shows

February 13, 2016 - "Maxwell's Tavern" in Hoboken, NJ: More Info

February 19, 2016 - "Gullifty's Underground as part of the Millennium Music Festival" in Harrisburg, PA: More Info




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Upcoming Show

Date:  February 13, 2016
Venue:  Maxwell's Tavern
Location:  Hoboken, NJ

More Info